Welcome to the O Driscoll Memorial Archive

The voluntary Cape Clear Island Museum & Archive, founded by Dr. Éamon Lankford, provides an archive facility whereby all interested in O Driscoll heritage can make a submission of O Driscoll related documentation for inclusion in the Museum’s O Driscoll Memorial Archive.

The sourcing and collection of documentation for inclusion in the archive is a year to year work in progress and everyone interested in the preservation of the history and family story of any person, living or deceased, having any form of the surname O Driscoll, Ó Drisceoil, Driskell, Driskill etc is invited to make a submission of information for inclusion in one of the volumes being compiled for the archive. The O Driscoll Collection, will be available for consultation at Cape Clear Island Museum Archive, Co. Cork, with selected aspects also being deposited at Cork County Library in Cork City.

Arrangements for consulting documentation in the international O Driscoll Memorial Archive at Cape Clear Island Museum, Co. Cork, Ireland.

As the International O Driscoll Memorial Archive is, at present unable to provide a research service people interested in consulting sources relating to the international O Driscoll family past and present should make advance contact to confirm that material relevant to their area of interest is available and housed at Cape Clear Island Museum, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Consultation of documentation in the Island Archive is confined to those who have either O Driscoll, Driskell, Driskill or Cape Clear island family and genealogical connections or who have a particular interest in some aspect of O Driscoll or Cape Clear island history, archaeology, language and heritage. Click here for details.